The aim of the 1st Conference on FAST/SPS: From Research to Industry (earlier: National Workshop on Spark Plasma Sintering) is to integrate the work of the international research community and industry on the Field Assisted Sintering Technique / Spark Plasma Sintering, which is a prospective technology of consolidating powder materials. During the conference, progress in materials research and sintering technology development will be presented, and the participants will have the opportunity to exchange their experience and views.

The conference has its roots in the National Workshops on Spark Plasma Sintering organized in Poland since October 2018 in Poznan (2018), Warszawa (2019) and on-line (2020). Each of the editions gained growing interest in the Polish and worldwide FAST/SPS community.

The organizers invite everyone interested in the topic of the conference to participate, in particular enterprises and research institutions using FAST/SPS technology, to take part. This year’s first edition of the conference will be in hybrid form in Poznań, Poland and remotely using the MS Teams platform.

The organizers provide:
– conference materials (book of abstracts),
– lunch on October 25th and 26th,
– conference dinner on October 25th,
– accommodation paid by the participants.